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About our Founder: Dana

Combine a deep-understanding of human anatomy and kinesiology + a wisdom-infused knowledge of nutrition and intense passion for helping people, and you end up with Dana Ketter. She can help guide you as to what to put in your body and how to make it work better. You deserve what works!

Understanding with Experience 

For more than seven years, Dana has worked with people from all walks of life: children to 80-somethings, former professional athletes to beginner runners to want-to-be-fitters. 

Dana is well-versed in the main-stream diet trends, she can bring understanding to yo-yo weight fluctuations and is here to help you live beyond these: to live fully in the freedom that is a nourished lifestyle.

She has gone through years of personal therapy for hip / other injuries related to running and hyper-mobility. She has worked with several pre-and-post surgery clients and even helped some avoid surgery through therapeutic personal training. She has alternative exercises to help target any muscle, while working around your injury.


I'm so glad you're here. I sincerely want for you what I've helped so many others stretch to find, work hard for, and come to enjoy: freedom in wellness.

Because you deserve it!

Here's a bit more about me: I'm a passionate yet friendly face, who inspires and connects with a variety of individuals, helping them to achieve their personal potential. I'm also a mom. Ladies: I understand the myriad of highs-and-lows around pregnancy and postpartum. We need support and I'm here for you!


I earned my Masters in Nutrition, Healthspan and Longevity through the University of Southern California, including over 1200 hours of supervised clinical practice in four different states.

I completed pre-medicine coursework with a BA in Architecture at the University of Washington before beginning my first career - in architecture. I enjoy being a musician/singer-songwriter/National Anthem performer for professional teams around the country. I authored and illustrated my first children's book in 2016: "The World Needs Just You", available on Amazon.


My background is unique but my artistic passion and thirst for understanding how things work have always been at the heart of my endeavors. I thrive in incorporating my curiosity and passion for details into functional nutrition therapy and physical fitness. My aim is to help people learn and incorporate the building blocks necessary to live healthier/happier lives for the long-run and enjoy the freedom that optimal health brings.


1) Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

2) NASM - Certified Personal Trainer

3) Masters of Science: Nutrition, Healthspan, Longevity: USC

4) Over 1200 hours supervised clinical practice

5) WCCO Radio - Holiday Meal Tips: Guest Speaker

6) Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine - Fitness Articles/Tips

7) Trainer at Steele Fitness (Wayzata, MN)

8) Team Sports and Individual Training: 7+ years

9) 9+ years Nutrition & related in-depth science classes

10) Life-long athlete and injury-preventer


Where practical nutrition and fitness meet  your  lifestyle goals for the long-haul. Evidence Based      Powerful      Results

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